Strengthening resources investment in talent, technology, information and government services;

To increase the capacity of financial services and technology services, to take control of the premises and to the hardware facility;

Enhance the transparency of the evaluation of N.E., and implement the dynamic evaluation of the whole process in the entry, incubation, graduation, exit, etc.

At the initial stage of entrepreneurship, N.E. hope that the E.I. can directly participate in the operation, that is, become a partner and help the N.E. build a stable management team.

It is necessary for that government to plan the area and the industrial distribution reasonably in the construction of incubator, so as to avoid duplication of construction and vicious competition due to policy;


To Improve incubating- efficiency through market competition;

Traditional property income and government subsidies are the main sources of income;

Additional income such as the introduction of high-end talents, high-tech projects, and filings has become a new profit point;

Configuring different resources according to the stage of N.E. development can effectively improve the efficiency of incubating;

The incubator urgently needs to increase the number of professional operations personnel and E.I., and improve the professional skills of existing staff;

Strengthen the capabilities of financial services and technology services, and control the investment of hardware facilities such as venues;

Simplify unnecessary staff, improve the efficiency of the per capita in-service of incubators, and increase the number and quality of E.I.;

Reducing low-quality entrepreneurial activities and formal liaison meetings, introducing high-end professional venture capital institutions;

For N.E. in the development stage, it is hoped that the incubator can provide more market opportunities and industrial channels, and E.I. can help N.E. to integrate into the competitive market environment;

For newly graduated companies, they hope that the incubator can provide more opportunities for contact with PE or VC. The E.I. can effectively design and manage their finances and provide advice on IPO or capital market operations;

Incubators conduct stable and continuous evaluation on the development of N.E.;


Change assessment criteria―Besides social benefits, economic benefits should also be strengthened;

The N.E. hopes that the incubator will continue to provide relationship information after graduation, and build industrial support and cooperation channels among N.E.;

Pay attention to nurturing behaviors and sustained entrepreneurial activity;

Environment & Innovation

The diversity of policy support;

Linkage between regions and social- organizations to form incubation and information network;

Strengthen the incubator’s specialization and industrial concentration;

All parties have strong intentions to strengthen cooperation between incubators;

It is hoped that the government will play a good role of coordinator, strengthen industrial guidance and improve the market environment, and reduce administrative interference in the operation of the incubator. In the park construction and function planning, avoid the repeated construction or the bad competition between the incubator due to the unreasonable policy design;

It is hoped that the government will change the funding method for incubators and avoid the incubators from defrauding subsidies and diluting limited incubation resources.

If the incubator can separate out the basic business services, focus on the allocation of resources in the professional field, and raise the threshold for N.E. to enter the incubator, it will effectively improve the incubation efficiency.

N.E. are not concerned about the nature of property rights or funding sources of incubators, nor will they affect the choice of new companies. That is, irrespective of the property of the incubator and the source of funds, the N.E. only pays attention to whether it can more easily obtain the necessary resources and services from the incubator;

Incubators should take the initiative to strengthen cooperation with regional financial institutions and expand access to quality N.E.;

Create a fair business environment;

Directional support for incubators;

Prevent systemic risks arising from policies;

To build a new type of incubating mechanism;