Appropriate adjustment of the collaboration system with therapists and care managers in addition to nurses and long-term care workers

Discussion between all workers is possible in the process of program implementation when maintaining constant communication between the staff.

Since conferences can be held, it is possible to share information and exchange opinions on the implementation of the program.

The staff try to exchange opinions.

Opportunity to discuss better micturition care.

During recovery period, the therapist may implement micturition induction apart from nurses and long-term care workers.

Multidisciplinary involvement in micturition induction.

During the recovery period, therapists must cooperate when performing daytime micturition induction.

At geriatric health services facilities, care managers create the care plan.

Rather than creating nursing and long-term care plans, care managers only make care plans (planned and not implemented).

The care plan of the facility is created by a dedicated care manager while listening to the opinions of the staff who are in charge of direct care.