Caregivers must be able to work as a well-coordinated team to humanely facilitate excretion independence in older people, which is essential for living with dignity.

Support for excretion independence of older people by a team is important for the dignity and well-being of older people.

Not only should urinary incontinence in older people be seen as related to age but support should also be given so that older people can live a human life.

Excretion independence once the older person returns home is necessary as it is the most important issue for the family.

For the elderly and their families, excretion is the most important deciding factor in returning home.

Provision of care based on the micturition status of the recipient.

When I am involved in detailed analysis, I want to know the process that would best help the patient.

As much as possible, I try to provide care that matches the micturition status of the recipient.

I feel that the excretion checklist is useful for looking back.

Adjustment toward a safe micturition environment for users

When implementing the program, I usually work on excretion, so I think it is possible to implement it in the ward.

I want to adjust the toilet environment so that users can feel at ease.

Enabling the unified involvement of the staff

I expect that implementing the program will leave a detailed process behind, making it easier for staff to share their tasks and the results, which may enable unified involvement.

I expect that the implementation of this program will lead to a successful experience and a sense of unity among the staff.

I expect that the program will enable the implementation of personalized care.