Referring to Food Allergies as Somebody Else’s Business

Not understanding anything at a young age

Having prior allergic episodes deeply impressed on them by parents

Leaving the control of food allergies to someone else

Noticing “Their Allergies” Because They Were Different from Others

Having food allergies meant the inability to eat with everyone

Realizing their difference from everyone else and that the “normal for them” should be reinterpreted as “their allergy”

Understanding Their “Own Allergy” from the Knowledge They Were Taught and Somatic Sensations

Understanding how to distinguish foods that can be eaten

Not missing sensory changes identified by somatic sensations

Learning how to cope with symptoms from adults

A Vague Fear of Allergens

Allergies are linked to the ultimate threat of death by adults

Allergens are something to loathe and fear

Eliminating the Allergen That Was the Object of Their Fear

Eliminating allergens from their surroundings so that these allergens could not be enter safe areas

Fear of Allergens That They Could not Handle Themselves

Feeling at a loss due to unexpected and unseen allergens that emerge contrary to expectations

Being unable to express changes that continue to occur in the body in one’s own words

Seeking Safety and Security for One’s Self and Getting Support

Establishing safety and security for one’s self with the help of adults

Establishing safety and security for one’s self

Challenging Allergens through Trial and Error

Challenging allergens

Linking changes in the physical condition starting from discomfort with allergies

Finding the danger line for one’s own body through trial and error

Conflict with taking in allergies

Awareness That the Threat of Allergens Could Be Minimized

Understanding how my allergy appears

The target of fear due to allergies becoming limited

Learning Skills to Live Well without Being Constrained by Allergies

Learning that comes from the lessons of parents and experiences that take root

Having one’s own coping routines for allergy management

Judgment about allergies fluctuating in the context of relationships with others

Learning skills to get along well with friends without being overly restrained by allergies

Sense of Controlling Constraints Due to Allergies

Food allergies as part of one’s own uniqueness

Not always being sick

Accepting the limitations of one’s own food allergy

Finding happiness in the allergy-friendly world