・ “…There is not much information… I have asked the pediatrician… I do not get any answers… Not about nutrition...”

・ “And now, to the pediatrician. But I was not really convinced, and I also have friends who told me… My friend’s baby was gassy, so she was recommended not to drink sodas, not to eat spicy food. Those things are anyway known or said…”

・ “…A nursing consultant… she came here one day. We were there: my husband, her (the baby), the nursing consultant and myself… It was great...”

・ I don’t have that information and people talk about protein, diet and I don’t know how to distinguish... I don’t know how to eat well. I tried to remove things that by general knowledge I assume do not do well.

・ “I don’t have a good knowledge of an ideal diet for breastfeeding. It would be great”