Perceived Benefits

・ “…Eating right or not cannot be the same… It must have something to do with it: if I eat better, my milk should be of a higher quality…”

・ “…I believe that it has some influence, in resting, feeding, and other aspects…”

Perceived Costs: Changes in Eating Habits during Breastfeeding

・ “…Trying not to skip meals, eating a good breakfast…”.

・ “I am hungrier now…, I have more appetite now”

・ “…In the Hospital, there was a big jug… I used to drink it all (water)… For me, we should follow a varied diet… eating less red meat… vegetables, the more colorful the better, fruits...”.

・ (Feeding changes because of breastfeeding) “I should (but) I do not... I know I should eat a yogurt for example, since I don’t like milk…”

・ “Mom helped us a lot. The first week, for example, she invited us to lunch the whole week. Since I was discharged and the first 10 days. I don’t always sit down for lunch, that starts to happen…”

・ “I’m so hungry because somehow I have to produce that milk, because like all the time, but not anxiety, because I’m really hungry…”

Perceived Barriers

・ “…family (husband and children)… lack of time… In those days where he was so demanding, I did not feel like cooking. So, we resorted to home delivery, easy things…”

・ “I should, but I am not taking them (care). I know that, for example, since I do not like milk, I should drink that calcium yoghurt I was told to drink, one per day and then add cheese with a fruit paste as a snack. I do not do it”

・ “…My husband works, so he does not cook, I do it, and since I have another daughter and everything else…”

・ “…I do not know how to eat right. I tried to stop eating thinks that, based on general knowledge, we assume that they are not good... But I do not have proper knowledge about an ideal diet for breastfeeding. It would be great to have it”.

・ “…I have less time to eat, I eat poorly…”

・ “Sometimes, I find it hard to eat healthy because I don’t cook now…”