Currently the costs necessary for ambulance transport and life support that are provided by the emergency services are not demanded from the user. Please specify the amount that you would pay for each case if you had to pay these costs. Please enter “0” if it is unlikely that you would pay for the costs.

Case A

Please assume that you had CPAa suddenly. Immediately, you would be transported to a hospital via an ambulance with ambulance attendants. However, no critical care would be provided in the ambulance and only ambulance transport to a hospital would be conducted.

Case B

Generally, a patient with CPA is more likely to die within several minutes when no procedure is provided. However, it has been reported that the survival rate is improved when a chest compression is provided. In Case B, chest compression as critical care would be provided by ambulance attendants in the ambulance during ambulance transport. (ambulance transport and chest compression)

Case C

On the other hand, as critical for the care for some patients with CPA, an air passage may be secured by inserting a tube into the airway directly, in combination with mechanical ventilation to deliver oxygen artificially. This procedure may improve the survival rate to some extent, although it has been reported that the rate may not be changed by the procedure, and it remains controversial. In Case C, ambulance attendants would provide critical care by mechanical ventilation, by using devices in addition to chest compression. (ambulance transport and mechanical ventilation through chest compression and intratracheal intubation)