Bridge construction safety risk factors A

External factors B1

Regulatory charters and other theoretical factors C1

Construction program factors C2

Foundation soil expansion C3

natural factors C4

Material process factors B2

The quality of construction materials is not qualified C5

Material properties change C6

Unreasonable construction process and technology C7

Construction management factors B3

Unfamiliar with drawing blind construction C8

Not according to plan construction C9

Do not comply with relevant regulations C10

Do not follow the relevant operating procedures C11

Disturbance in construction management C12

Technical factors B4

Geological exploration factors C13

Lack of rational planning and design C14

Lack of emphasis on safety C15

Regulatory maintenance factors B5

Completion without construction monitoring C16

Late maintenance is not in place C17

Operational stage supervision is not in place C18

Quality Warranty Insurance System C19