Human Resources



Total workforce by contracts

Agreements including human rights causes

Energy Consumption

Rate of employee turnover

Measures taken to contribute to eliminate child labor

Withdrawal of water

Labor/Management Relations

Measures taken to contribute to eliminate forced labor


Rates of injury, diseases and absenteeism

Programs to assess and manage impacts on communities

Waste and Spills

Training and Education

Actions taken in response to or to prevent corruption

Packaging materials reclaimed

Diversity and Equal Opportunity

Participation in public policy development

Energy saving

Benefits provided to employees

Employee training on policies concerning human rights

Initiatives for renewable energy

Safety committees

Indigenous Rights

Water recycled and reused

Health and safety programs

Contributions to institutions by country

Initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Career development review

Charitables giving

Environmental protection expenditures

Corporate Governance



Committees under board of directors for economic tasks

Suppliers under screening on human rights

Safety and health impact on product improvement

Independent and/or non-executive Committees members

Suppliers management policy

Product Information & Labelling

Chairman with executive role

Key-suppliers with an Environm.tal Manag. Syst.

Marketing communication and promotion

Independent and/or non-executive board members

Key-suppliers with a H&S Manag. Syst.

R&D/Product innovation and quality

Number of board meetings

Voluntary codes concerning H&S

Mechanisms for shareholders to provide recommendations to the Board

Voluntary codes concerning product information

Mechanisms for preserving minority shareholders rights

Practices related to customer satisf. & loyalty

Capital stock composition


Top-management compensation linkage with financial & economic perform.

Customer Privacy

Processes in place to avoid Board conflict of interest

Codes of conduct

Governance bodies composition according to gender & minority