Thailand (Changsri, 2012)

The United States

Lesson study team

· at least 2 persons; teacher and observer

· in-service teacher or student teacher

· could be include school principal, school coordinator, researcher, and expert from the university

· at least 3 persons; teacher, observer, and experienced educator

· could be include expert from the university

· no student teacher, school principal, school coordinator, and researcher

Teaching practices

· Weekly, 16 cycles per semester

· plans taught & revised each day of the week

· lesson not retaught until next year

· 2-days, 1 cycle per semester

· plans revised several times on LS day

· lessons are revised and retaught on same day


· School & CRME supports materials and financial costs

· (CO)2MP Elementary grant supports materials and financial costs

University support

· assign school coordinator and researcher

· observing and supervision from expert from university; assign student teachers

· support school to attend the educational activities

· assign experience educator

· give suggestion from expert from university

· support teacher team to attend the educational activities