Design & Aim



Key Findings


Swann, Crust, Keegan, Piggot, & Hemmings


Qualitative Research

Aim: To explore perceptions regarding the experience of flow in elite golf

Semi-structured interviews

10 male professional golfers. They held a European Tour card for at least one full season (range = 1 - 24; 6 seasons; M = 10.7; SD = 7.5). Ages ranging from 23 to 58 (SD = 13.08)

Golfers reported being aware of flow experiences and able to manage them. They stated that altered cognitive and kinesthetic perceptions, visualizing well, visual narrowing, magnified visual perceptions, altered perceptions of time, loss of memory, sense of lightness, feel enhanced physically, feeling calm/relaxed, feeling the adrenaline were generated and that flow was observable (e.g. through changes in behavior).