19. Every employee understands all of the service standards that have been instituted by all departments

20. We have a developed chain of objectives linking together every branch in support of the corporate vision

21. Service performance measures are communicated openly with all employees regardless of position or function

Service Vision

22. There is a true commitment to service, not just lip service

23. Customers are viewed as opportunities to serve rather than as sources of revenue

24. It is believed that fundamentally, the organization exists to serve the needs of its customers

Servant Leadership

25. Management constantly communicates the importance of service

26. Management regularly spends time “in the field” or “on the floor” with customers and front-line employees

27. Management is constantly measuring service quality

28. Management shows that they care about service by constantly giving of themselves

29. Management provides resources, not just “lip service” to enhance employee ability to provide excellent service

30. Managers give personal input and leadership into creating quality service

Service Rewards

31. Management provides excellent incentives and rewards at all levels for service quality, not just productivity

32. This organization noticeably celebrates excellent service

Service Training

33. Every employee receives personal skills training that enhances his/her ability to deliver high quality service

34. We spend much time and effort in simulated training activities that help us provide higher levels of service when actually encountering the customer

35. During training sessions we work through exercises to identify and improve attitudes toward customers