5 Inspiring Confidence

12. Employees in the store have the knowledge to answer customers’ questions

13. The behaviour of employees in this store instils confidence in customers

14. Customers feel safe in their transactions with this store

6 Courteousness/Helpfulness

15. The employees in this store give prompt service to customers

16. Employees in this store tell customers exactly when services will be performed

17. Employees in this store are never too busy to respond to customer’s requests

18. This store gives customers individual attention

19. Employees in this store are consistently courteous with customers

20. Employees in this store treat customers courteously on the telephone. (deleted as not applicable in Indian context)

Dimension 4 Problem Solving

21. This store willingly handles returns and exchanges

22. When a customer has a problem, this store shows a sincere interest in solving it

23. Employees of this store are able to handle customer complaints directly and immediately

Dimension 5 Policy

24. This store offers high quality merchandise

25. This store provides plenty of convenient parking for customers

26. This store has operating hours convenient to all their customers

27. This store accepts all major credit cards

28. The store has its own credit card


Customer Treatment

1. Employees care for customers as they would like to be cared for

2. Employees go the “extra mile” for customers

3. We are noticeably more friendly and courteous than our competitors

4. Employees go out of their way to reduce inconveniences for customers

Employee Empowerment

5. Decisions are made “close to the customer.” In other words, employees often make important customer decisions without seeking management approval

6. Employees have freedom and authority to act independently in order to provide excellent service

Service Technology

7. We enhance our service capabilities through the use of “state of the art” technology

8. Technology is used to build and develop higher levels of service quality

9. We use high levels of technology to support the efforts of men and women on the front line

Service Failure Prevention

10. We go out of our way to prevent customer problems

11. We go out of our way to “head off” or prevent customer problems rather than reacting to problems once they occur

12. We actively listen to our customers

Service Failure Recovery

13. We have an excellent customer complaint handling system for service follow-up

14. We have established problem-solving groups to enhance our ability to resolve service breakdowns

15. We provide follow-up service calls to confirm that our services are being provided properly

16. We provide every customer with an explicit service guarantee

Service Standards Communication

17. We do not wait for customers to complain, we use internal standards to pinpoint failures before we receive customer complaints

18. Every effort is made to explain the results of customer research to every employee in understandable terms