Your expectations about firms offering ____ services.


1. They should have up-to-date equipment

2. Their physical facilities should be visually appealing

3. Their employees should be well dressed and appear neat

4. The appearance of the physical facilities of these firms should be in keeping with the type of services provided


5. When these firms promise to do something by a certain time, they should do so

6. When customers have problems, these firms should be sympathetic and reassuring

7. These firms should be dependable

8. They should provide their services at the time they promise to do so

9. They should keep their records accurately


10. They shouldn’t be expected to tell customers exactly when services should be performed (-)

11. It is not realistic for customers to expect prompt service from employees of these firms (-)

12. Their employees don’t always have to be willing to help customers (-)

13. It is okay if they are too busy to respond to customer requests promptly (-)


14. Customers should be able to trust employees of these firms

15. Customers should be able to feel safe in their transactions with these firms’ employees

16. Their employees should be polite

17. Their employees should get adequate support from these firms to do their jobs well


18. These firms should not be expected to give customers individual attention (-)

19. Employees of these firms cannot be expected to give customers personal attention (-)

20. It is unrealistic to expect employees to know what the needs of their customers are (-)

21. It is unrealistic to expect these firms to have their customers’ best interests at heart (-)

22. They shouldn’t be expected to have operating hours convenient to all their customers (-)


Dimension 1 Physical Aspects

1 Appearance

1. The store has modern-looking equipment and fixtures

2. The store and its physical facilities (trial rooms and restrooms) are visually attractive

3. Materials associated with this store’s service (such as shopping bags, loyalty cards and catalogues) are visually appealing

4. The store has clean, attractive and convenient physical facilities (restrooms, fitting rooms)

2 Convenience

5. The store layout at this store makes it easier for customers to find what they need

6. The store layout at this store makes it easier for customers to move around in the store

Dimension 2 Reliability

3 Promises

7. When this store promises to do something (such as repairs, alterations) by a certain time, it will do so

8. This store provides its services at the time it promises to do so

4 Doing-it-Right

9. This store performs the service right the first time

10. This store has merchandise available when the customers want it

11. This store insists on error-free sales transactions and records

Dimension 3 Personal interaction