Being a scientist is a gift from God and not everyone can be a scientist even if he is diligent and striving.

A scientist is a very curious man and pursues the truth.

High School Students

Chance alone does not lead to discoveries. You need a scientist who has a great deal of knowledge and sharp senses to identify the chances that has come his way.

All discoveries are very important, but there are discoveries that are more important and have made a tremendous contribution to humanity.

I respect and admire scientists because they are special people.

A scientist is a very creative man, clever, and he pays attention to the small details. Discoveries require creative thinking. Not everyone has these qualities.

I know that discoveries have happened by chance. This is not enough to attain great achievements in science.

I believe that if Kekulé had not come to his discovery someone else would have made the discovery.

Not every science student can become a scientist. A scientist is a man with special qualities.

I do not think I can be a scientist myself because I do not have the special qualities that scientists have, like sharp brains, special intellectual abilities, and lots of curiosity.

A scientist must sacrifice his personal life in order to reach important discoveries.