I think all scientists are very smart people. This wisdom brought them to their discoveries.

Primary School Students

I myself would like to be a scientist because it brings tremendous pride.

The discoveries of scientists must have brought improvement to humanity.

To be a scientist you need wisdom, a lot of knowledge and a lot of luck.

I do not appreciate discoveries made by accident.

It intrigues me to learn about scientists and the way they acted to reach their discoveries. It makes me appreciate the science more.

Scientists are the people who have contributed most to humanity.

God loves scientists, so he wanted them to be among us to contribute to us.

I do not always respect scientists because some of them bring bad discoveries to nature and humanity.

To reach discoveries that will change the face of humanity requires a very wise scientist, consistency, and a lot of mental and physical investment from him.

Middle School Students

I appreciate scientists and I myself would like to be a scientist.

Being a scientist brings personal, national and global pride.

I cannot be a scientist because I do not have the wisdom and curiosity they have.

I like to learn about the conditions of the discoveries and the stories of scientists, not just the rules and conclusions derived from the discoveries.

I would appreciate it if fewer discoveries would happen by chance.

Fleming or someone else could have made the same discoveries without the chance.

I think that because of chance, not everyone can make the same discovery.