Citizenship and social participation: active presence in decision-making spaces, as well as exercise of rights, fulfillment of duties and social control. A broader understanding and appreciation of collectivity, respect for common goods. It depends on the educational and cultural process. (Bonin, 2008)

Mobility: Capacity of locomotion that increase survival and quality of life. Access to policies, services and goods, considering respect for differences between citizens. (Cecílio & Matsumoto, 2006)

Dependence X Independence: it refers to the inability and ability to maintain the autonomy of the individuals of their own lives, as well as the right and conditions for this to be effective. (Cecílio & Matsumoto, 2006)

Media and social networks: access to media and information, contribution to knowledge, health improvements, contact with family and professionals, and may have a positive and/or negative impact. (Garbois et al., 2017; Cecílio & Matsumoto, 2006)