Prejudice and discrimination: includes any opinion, unfair or negative treatment of a group or a person, based on judgment habits. (Barroco, 2016)

Racism: it is based on discriminatory and prejudiced attitudes without scientific basis that assign hierarchy in various manifestations of systematic racial discrimination of individuals belonging to social groups identified by physical and/or cultural traits. (Rocha, 2016)

Violence: involves violent or subtle acts, with the use of physical force and power, in threat or in practice, against oneself, another person or against a group or community that results in or may result in the breach of mutual respect, suffering, death, psychological damage, impaired development or deprivation. (World Health Organization, 1996)

Vulnerable groups and social minorities: they are formed by people and/or groups that, due to lack of representativeness, live at risk. Vulnerable groups seek to exercise their rights in face of social inequalities in society; minorities seek to conquer rights in face of cultural, social and ethnic inequalities, as well as their exercise. E.g.: indigenous populations, people with disabilities, elderly, blacks, women, refugees, homosexuals, transsexuals, etc. (Siqueira & Castro, 2017)

Cultural diversity: represents the plurality and integration of the different cultures existing in human’s relationship field. (Rückert, Cunha, & Modena, 2018; Cavalcante, 2006)