Strengths of the Project

Suggested Improvements and Modifications

Appropriate use of scientific principle

Requires additional research on scientific principle

Technical details are appropriate

Requires additional technical details

Appropriate use of scientific method

Follow scientific method

Topic is original and scientifically interesting

Requires additional research on topic selection

Problem statement/hypothesis appropriate

Clarify problem statement/hypothesis

Appropriate sample size/no. of trials

Use appropriate sample size/no. of trials/controls

Appropriate data analyses

Requires appropriate data analyses

Data/Graphs/Tables presented clearly

Use appropriate data/graphs/tables

Appropriate use of Math/Statistical procedures

Use appropriate Math/Statistical procedures

Conclusions followed data analyses

Inadequate data analyses/support for conclusion

Appropriate log book/notes supplied

Requires appropriate data logging process/notes

Appropriate procedures followed

Rethink procedures

Appropriate citation of Scientific Literature

Update/expand Bibliography

Appropriate use of resources

Requires additional support/resources

Appropriate layout of display board

Improved layout/preparation of display board

(For Engineering Projects only)

Workable solution of research statement

(For Engineering Projects only)

Unacceptable solution of research statement

(For Team projects only)

Contributions of EACH team member evident

(For Team projects only)

Contributions from each team member unclear