Law No. 9860, dated July 1, 2013. It provides for the Statute and the Career, Charge and Compensation Plan of the members of the Basic Education Magisterial Subgroup (articles 60 and 61), ratified by Law 10,099 of June 11 Of 2014, which approves the State Plan of Education of the State of Maranhão

Mato Grosso

Law No. 7.040, dated 10/10/1998, which regulates the provisions of art. 14 of Federal Law 9394 of December 20, 1996, as well as item VI of art. 206 of the Federal Constitution, which establish democratic management of state public education, adopting the selective system to choose the leaders of educational establishments and the creation of deliberative councils of the school community in educational units.

Mato Grosso do Sul

Law No. 3.244, dated 6/6/2006, which provides for the election of directors, deputy directors and the school collegiate of the state education network of Mato Grosso do Sul, and makes other provisions.

Minas Gerais

Resolution State Secretary of Education No. 1812 of March 22, 2011



Decree No. 695 of March 26, 2013, which establishes criteria for the exercise of the functions of directors and vice-principals of the schools of the state education network to be adopted by the State Department of Education and provides other measures. Law n˚ 7855, of May 14, 2014.


Law 7.983, of April 10, 2006, complemented by Law 8.294, of August 16, 2007, made without effect by decision of the TJPB, on September 19, 2016. Source:


Law No. 18.590, dated 13/12/2015 - Definition of selection criteria through consultation with the School Community for the appointment of Directors and Auxiliary Directors of the State Basic Education Network of Paraná.



Decree 14,607 of October 14, 2011, which regulates article 119 of Complementary Law No. 71, of July 26, 2006, disciplining the process of choosing school principals from the state public school system in Piauí, and gives other measures.


Decree n˚ 38.103, dated April 25, 2012, which regulates the criteria and procedures for conducting a selection process for the function of representation of school director and deputy director of state schools and other measures.

Rio de Janeiro

Law 7299, dated June 6, 2016. Source:

Rio Grande do Norte

Supplementary Law No. 290, dated 2/16/2005, which provides for the democratization of school management within the public school system of Rio Grande do Norte and provides other measures―DOE No. 10,924, regulated by Decree 18.463, of 24 August 2005.

Rio Grande do Sul

Law 10,576 of November 14, 1995, which provides for the democratic management of public education, updated to Law 13,990 of May 15, 2012. Source:


Decree No. 16.202 of September 20, 2011―Provides criteria and conditions for elections to the functions of Director and Deputy Director of Schools of the State Public School Network of Rondônia and other measures - DOE N. 1820 of September 20, 2011


Complementary Law No. 041 of July 16, 2001―Provides for the State System of Education of the State of Roraima; Law No. 810 of July 6, 2011―Provides for the reorganization of the School Councils of the State Educational System; Source:

Santa Catarina

Supplementary Law No. 170, of August 07, 1998―Provides for the State Educational System.


São Paulo

Complementary Law No. 1256, dated January 6, 2015; Complementary Law No. 1207, of July 5, 2013.



Decree 16,396 of March 20, 1997―Provides regulatory norms on a democratization of the management of public education, in accordance with Articles 171 and 172 of Complementary Law No. 16/94, and provides related provisions.



Law No. 2977, of July 8, 2015. Published in Official Gazette 4411, approves the State Education Plan of Tocantins―PEE/TO (2015-2025), in the process of regulation through EDITAL N˚ 0058/2015―Provides On the Process of Effectiveness of Democratic Management in the State Public School Network of Tocantins, according to the criteria of technical-professional competencies, for the function of Director of School Unit. DOE no. 4.510 Tuesday, 1/12/2015. Source: