Dimensions of analysis (Blocks of variables)

Independent variables

Socio-demographic characterization (Block 1)

Sex: Male | Female


Social origins (Block 2)

Socio-occupational categories (social classes)

entrepreneurs and executives

professionals and managers


routine employees

industrial workers

multi-active employees

Years of schooling of father

Years of schooling of mother

Previous education (Block 3)

Earlier failure (year repeated): Yes | No

Route of access to higher education

general course

technological course

vocational course

“second-chance” education


Sector in secondary education: Public | Private (or cooperative)

Characterization of training and educational institutions in HE (Block 4)

Sector of educational institution: Public | Private (or cooperative)

Education subsystem: University | Polytechnic

Field of study


humanities and art social science, business and law

science, mathematics, computing

engineering, manufacturing, construction

agriculture and Veterinary

health and welfare


Daily life indicators

(Block 5)

Average number of hours per week in class activities

Average number of hours per week studying

Average number of hours per week working