Principles and objectives


1. Mission, vision, values, and shared objectives

2. Action orientation and experimentation

3. A safe, nurturing environment for the members, which is crucial to interactions and productivity

4. Develop knowledge and learning.


5. Common goals and a passion for the practice

6. Normally tacit knowledge

7. The same expertise or profession

8. A common interest for a particular knowledge, experiences, questions, models, and effective tools and practices

1. May form naturally in schools or be designed specifically for teachers’ professional development

2. May be homogeneous or heterogeneous

3. Different forms of collaboration:

¾ horizontal (teachers at same level or teaching same subject)

¾ and/or vertical (different levels or subjects)

4. Various stages of development

5. Requires several months before reaching maturity

6. CP members regularly meet to discuss either virtually or in person