Mental protective system


Socialities to protect social members

1) collectivistic sociality from kin-friends to protect children through commitment

2) individualistic sociality from allies to protect individuals through reciprocity

3) interdependent sociality from specialists to protect pregnant females through interdependent division of labor

4) generativity sociality from older leaders-mentors to protect next generation through reciprocity

Worldviews to protect social functions

1) territorial worldview to protect territory through ingroup-outgroup

2) competitive worldview to protect competition through outgroup-like group

3) cooperative worldview to protect cooperation through ingroup-like group

Mental immune system for

countermeasures against adversities

1) unregulated or regulated hyperactivity countermeasure against danger to maintain existence

2) unregulated or regulated phobia countermeasure against unfamiliarity-uncertainty to maintain tradition

3) unregulated or regulated comforter countermeasure against hardship to maintain durability

4) unregulated or regulated rationality countermeasure against unfamiliarity-uncertainty to maintain adaptability