Soil treatment before planting

- Treated soil with insecticide ST

- Untreated soil SNT

The plastic mulching

black opaque plastic film from 25 to 35 .µm thick and 1m to 1.20 m wide it enables:

- Raising the soil temperature in the root zone;

- Maintain soil moisture;

- Preserving the soil structure;

- Avoid fruit stains.


- Twin ridges on a bank 60 cm wide;

- The plants are arranged in staggered rows 20 cm away;

- Each trillion is divided into two parts (G treated and untreated soil) each part contains 30 strawberry plants.


Three times per week.

Coverage of small tunnels Nantes

- The tunnel cover film is transparent, a thickness of 100 to 120 microns and a width of 1.5 m.