Callisto®, Tenacity®, Lumax®, Lexar®, Halex GT®, Camix®, Calaris®, Callisto Xtra® or Elumis®

Leptospermone (1-hydroxy-2-isovaloryl-4,4,6,6-tetramethyl cyclohexen-3,5-dione) which is produced by the roots of the Callistemon citrinus

WeedBan TM, Corn Weed Blocker TM

Corn gluten meal

Bioscape BioweedTM

Corn gluten meal, soybean

Scythe TM

Pelargonic acid (57%), related short chain fatty acids (3%), 30% paraffinic petroleum oil (30%)

Burnout TM, Bioganic TM, Poison Ivy Defoliant TM

Clove oil (12% - 18%), sodium lauryl sulfate (8% - 10%), acetic acid, lecithin, citric acid (30%), mineral oil (80%)

Bioorganic TM

Clove oil (5%), 2-phenethyl propionate (5%), sesame oil (4%) and sodium lauryl sulfate (0.5%)

AllDown TM

Citric acid (5%), acetic acid, yucca extracts, garlic oil (0.2%)

Interceptor TM

10% pine oil

Weed ZapTM

Clove oil or cinnamon oil (30%), vinegar (70%)

Weed-A-Tak TM, Repellex®

Citric acid (32%), clove oil (8%), cinnamon oil (8%), 2-phenetyl proprionate, lecithin. It may contain thyme oil, and wintergreen oil

Moss & Algae KillerTM Naturell WK HerbicideTM, DeMossTM, MosskillerTM

Potassium salts of fatty acids (40%)

Organic Weed & Grass Killer TM

Citrus oil (70%)

GreenMatch O TM, Nature’s Avenger TM

D -Limonene (70%), castor oil (1% to 4%), emulsifiers (18% to 23%)

GreenMatch EX TM

Lemongrass oil (50%) and a mixture of water, corn oil, glycerol esters, potassium oleate and lecithin

Matran II TM

Clove oil (46%), wintergreen oil, butyl lactate, lecithin

Eco-Exempt TM, Eco-Smart TM

2-Phenethyl proprionate (21.4%), clove oil (21.4%)

Basta®, Buster®, Challenge®, Finale®, Harvest®, Ignite®, Rely®, Liberty®

Phosphinothricin [PPT or glufosinate = L- 2-amino-4-(hydroxymethylphosphinyl) butyric acid]


Leaf extracts of Aglaia odorata