Internal factors

Strength (+ve)

Weakness (−ve)

- Area of origin/natural distribution

- Local preference/consumption of produce

- Form part of traditional home garden farming system

- Hold high cultural value among the local people

- Viable revenue generator for rural resource poor farmers

- Available local/regional markets

- Grossly under-researched

- Relatively poor and inefficient production technology

- Near absence of improved propagation agrotechniques

- Most harvest still derived from wild/volunteer stands

- Slow rate of natural regeneration

- IFT information are poorly documented or in grey literatures

External factors

Opportunity (+ve)

Threat (−ve)

- International market/export prospects as novel crops

- Potentials diversification of products and markets

- Recognition as candidates for agroforestry multipurpose trees for the sub-regions

- Recent recognition by Bioversity International―NUS, ICUC, ICRAF

- Recent works of PROTA documentation/Publications

- Satisfy needs for crop diversification

- Over exploitation of available in situ stands on farms and in forests

- Depleting tree stands in the wild due to deforestation

- Inadequate deliberate replanting scheme and organised orchards

- Poor marketing outlets and low pricing of IFT produce

- Preference of African researchers for introduced naturalized species over IFT