Description and reference for financial data (selected work)

Value per Patient

Discount factor for future savings, mean

6% p.a.

Value for a quality-adjusted life (cost/QALY), mean [12]

24.000 ?p. QALY

Cost for hospital day (non-intensive care), rounded average [13]

400 ?p.d.

Cost for a day in a hospital (intensive care), rounded average [13]

850 ?p.d.

Adjusted savings over chronical heart failure (CHF) monitoring [14]

4.900 ?p.a.

Savings due to prolonged follow-up of Devices [15]

712 ?p.a.

Adverse events due to anticoagulation [16]

233 ?p.a.

Cost of a single “mean” stroke (lifetime costs, discounted) [17]

43.129 ?p. Stroke

Cost of a single “mean” myocardial infarction (MI) [18]

19.300 ?p. MI