The Daily Star

The Daily Star was first published on 14 January 1991. Late S M Ali was founding editor while A. S. Mahmood was the publisher. Mr Mahfuz Aanam was the executive editor of the paper since its inception. After SM Ali passed away in 1993, Mahfuz Anam became the editor of the newspaper. He is currently the editor cum publisher of the newspaper. Along with its regular 24-page main section the newspaper publishes different weekly sections almost day targeting a wide range of readers. Their weekly and fortnightly sections include Weekend magazine, Byte, Shift, Next Step, In Focus, Literature, Book Reviews, Health, Science, Law & Order, Wide Angle, Environment, Travel etc. Moreover, it publishes supplements regularly on various occasions. Country’s one of the biggest conglomerate Transcom Group is the main financier of the publication.

The Independent

The Independent was published in 26 March 1995 as the first full-colour 32-page English newspaper in Bangladesh. The first editor was Mahbubul Alam Chowdhury who was succeeded by Mahbubul Alam, the longest serving editor of the newspaper. The current editor and publisher is M. Shamsur Rahman. The newspaper has reduced its regular section from 32-pages to 24-pages. Its weekly and fortnightly sections include Art & Culture, Technology, Travel, Lifestyle, Education, Health, Environment, Science etc. One of the biggest names in corporate world in Bangladesh, the Beximco Group, owns the newspaper.

The Daily Sun

The Daily Sun was published on 20 October 2010 with Prof Syed Anwar Hossain as it first editor. The published was Maynal Hossain Chowdhury. The main paper is of 28 pages including 4 pages of business and 8 pages of sports which they called “Winner”. Its weekly sections include Groove, The Hood + Brain Freeze, Morning Tea. Another biggest conglomerate of the country with businesses ranging from land and real estate to toilet tissue, the Bashundhara groups, owns the newspaper.

New Age

The New Age was published on 7 July 2003 by veteran journalist Enayetullah Khan as editor. The current editor in Nurul Kabir and publisher is ASM Shahidullah Khan who is a businessman and main financier of the newspaper. It is regarded as one of the country’s most outspoken newspapers and known for its anti-establishment editorial policy. In late 2014 police attempted to search the newspaper office without any search warrant but failed to do at the resistance of its journalists and staff. Its weekly supplements include: TRENDS, NEWAGEXtra, NEW AGE Youth, Paper for People etc.

Dhaka Tribune

Dhaka Tribune is the youngest mainstream daily newspaper in the country published on 19 April 2013. Kazi Anis Ahmed is the publisher of the newspaper while Zafar Sobhan serves as Editor. It’s weekly and fortnightly sections include Showtime, Fashion, Grooming, Wellness, Cars, Tech, Profiles, Shopping, Teen, Food, Lifestyle, Relationship, Arts & Culture. The newspaper started its journey as a broadsheet but later converted to a tabloid or compact size. In terms of content the daily managed to keep its broadsheet characteristics. Two big business houses-the Gemcon Group and Kazi Farm Group, is the owner of the newspaper.