Brito Ortiz, Nava Gómez and Juárez García.

A structural model of the relationships between social support, perceived stress and burnout in Mexican nurses.

Social support, Perceived stress, Burnout, Nurses.

Sample: 181 nursing professionals working in health centers.

Study with non-experimental cross-sectional design. Inclusion Criteria: Morelos Health Services Staff.

Perceived Stress Scale (PSS14), by Cohen et al. (1983) adapted by González and Landero (2007). Job Content Questionnaire (JCQ, v. 1.0), by Karasek et al. (1998) validated by Brito (2014). Questionnaire for the Evaluation of Work-Burn Syndrome for Health Personnel (CESQT-PS).

High levels of social support, a moderate degree of psychological stress, high levels of illusion from work, and low levels of psychic attrition, indolence and guilt.

Morelos, México.


Cozzo and Reich

Perceived stress and health-related quality of life in health care personnel.

Perceived stress, quality of life, health personnel, prevention.

It shows 56 health professionals (45 women and 11 men) with socio-demographic differences (12 physicians, 13 physiotherapists, 19 nursing professionals and 12 nursing assistants).

Descriptive and comparative cross-sectional.

Questionnaire of Sociodemographic and Labor Data Ad hoc. Perceived Stress Scale-Perceived Stress Scale (PSS), Spanish version adapted by Remor (2006). The MOS-SF-12 Health Questionnaire Version 2.0.

A general level of perceived moderate stress, without reflecting differences or relationships according to sociodemographic and labor variables. Thus, this study has not been able to identify a group of greater vulnerability, nor risk factors or protection for stress.