Occupational wear (BURNOUT) in a manufacturing company

Burnout, Boss, Psychosomatic and Sleep Disorders

It shows 635 employees (436 men and 199 women) between the ages of 20 and 40.

Quantitative and correlational

Mexican Scale of Occupational Wear (EMEDO) by Uribe (2008).

High level of wear on 18% of staff. A negatively correlated quality of leadership and that factors of exhaustion, depersonalization and dissatisfaction of achievement and positive correlation with psychosomatic and sleep disorders.



Chau and Saravia

University Adaptation and its relation with the perceived health in Young people.

University Adaptation, Perceived Health, University Students, Wellbeing,

Sample of 281 university students.

Quantitative and descriptive. Informed consent.

Questionnaire of Academic Experiences (Questionnaire of Academic Experiences) in its reduced version (QVA-R; Almeida et al., 2001). Health Questionnaire (SF-36; Ware, Snow, Kosinski, and Gandek, 1993). University Adaptation Questionnaire (Qva-R).

Positive relationship between perceived health and the five areas that measure university adaptation.

Lima, Perú.



Influence of Psychosocial Factors on Perceived Health, Burnout, and Staff Engagement

Psychosocial risk factors, Burnout, Engagement, Perceived symptomatology

Sample of 9,090 employees of 13 Colombian companies.

Quantitative. Non-probabilistic sampling for availability and informed consent.

Battery for the Evaluation of the Psychosocial Factors of Cincel (Toro et al., 2009).

The effects related to psychosocial risk factors arise from the interaction of intra-labor, individual and extra-labor conditions.

Barcelona, España


Pérez-Fuentes Molero, Mercader, Soler Flores, Barragán, Calzadilla and Gázquez

Real health and perceived health in people of 60 years.

Perceived health, Real health, adult

Random sample by clusters by geographical area: 1220 people over 60 years old.

Descriptive, cross-sectional, prevalence

Questionnaire of Needs and Demands of Social Services Users for Seniors-69 items

Men have a better perception of their health and among the most common health problems are found in joints and bones. The perceived health variable can be used in the planning of public policies.

Almeria, España