Escobedo, Camacho-Ávila and Plascencia Reyes.

CESQT as a predictor of mental health in workers.

Mental Health

It shows 114 participants who develop operational activities (58 men and 55 women).

Quantitative, transverse, descriptive-correlational.

CESQT-20 ítems. JCQ-27 ítems. GHQ-28 ítems.

Psychic attrition is a statistical predictor of somatic symptoms. This confirms that the CESQT and the JCQ are predictors of workers’ mental health.

Morelos, México.


Flores-Jiménez and Juárez-García.

Burnout syndrome and work stressors in community trainers in Morelos, Mexico, from a mixed analysis approach.

Burnout, Labor stressors

Population 220 instructors and the sample were 159 instructors.

Descriptive-correlational. The design was non-experimental, cross-sectional.

“Maslach Burnout Inventory-General Survey” (MBI-GS) adapted and translated by Juárez-García, et al. (2011)-16 items. Frequent aspects of stress were added at work on a Likert scale.

Low levels of burnout and dealing with students is the source that generates more stress on instructors.

Morelos, México.



Psychosocial risk and personal protective factors of health in health workers

Resilience, Burnout

160 workers from the Emergency Service of the Rawson Hospital.

Cross. Descriptive survey study

Ad-hoc socio-demographic questionnaire. Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale Test (CD-RISC, 2003). Maslach Burnout Inventory-health services survey

There is a risk in the health workforce, more than half of the staff suffer from high depersonalization and emotional fatigue and low self-realization. There are high levels of resilience as shown by two-thirds of respondents. And doctors and nurses are those who suffer from burnout syndrome.

San Juan, Argentina


Palomar, Matus and Victorio

Resilience in people in extreme poverty of Mexico


It shows 913 adults (602 women and 311 men). The average age was 43.71 years.

Quantitative, Transversal, Explanatory, non-experimental field study based on surveys. Dependent variable: resilience. Independent Variable: Individual, school, family and social area.

Ad-hoc closed questionnaire: sociodemographic, economic and educational. Design of instruments to measure sociodemographic, economic, educational and resilience variables.

They registered locus of internal control, motivation to the achievement and direct confrontation as main strengths.

Urban areas near the Federal District.