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Mikulic and Fernández

Psychological strength in children and adolescents


Intentional sample 44 participants between 10 and 18 years.

Quali- Quantitative: empirical and exploratory descriptive.

Quality of Life Inventory for children and adolescents (ICV-INFANTO JUVENIL) (Mikulic and Fernández, 2006). Coping Responses Inventory (CRI-Y) (Moos, 1993; Translated and adapted by Mikulic, (2006).

When evaluating the family and school context of the participants, they conclude that counting on “other” stimulates affectively

Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Arias-Galicia, Bilbao, Juárez-García, González-Zermeño, Benítez-Plascencia, Zúñiga-Hernández, Fernández-Sánchez, Rivera-Gutiérrez, Arizmendiy Terrazas-Meráz.

Professional Exhaustion in Health Personnel

Professional exhaustion

It shows 142 health workers.


Burnout Inventory, designed by Maslach, Jackson and Leiter (1996). Q-LABORS. (Casas, Repullo, Lorenzo and Cañas, 2002) quality of life and sociodemographic data.

Variables, emotional exhaustion and stress, depersonalization, lack of achievement and search for another job reported positive correlations. Likewise, the greater the emotional exhaustion, the lower the organizational commitment, the perceived organizational support, the satisfaction with the work, the immediate superior, the schedule, the peers and the salary.

Cuernavaca, Morelos.


Rodríguez, Oramas and Rodríguez

Stress in teachers of basic education

Teaching stress, Pressure, Working conditions

Sample: 1150 preschool (15), primary (598) and secondary (402) teachers from rural and urban areas.

Cross-sectional exploratory study Quantitative

Adapted version of the Stress Inventory of Travers and Cooper (1997)-75 items. Resilience Questionnaire (Strength and Personal Security) developed by González-Arratia and Valdez-Medina (2005)

It was found that the sources of pressure in the teaching work, have a cumulative and permanent effect, with implications in the health of the teaching staff.

Guanajuato, México.