“…his appearance in this situation was like a string of buoys. I saw perhaps thirty or forty of those protuberances and bunches, which were about the size of a barrel.”

“…looked like the buoys of a seine”

“…with a good glass [I saw what] seemed like gallon kegs tied together”

“His body when out of the water looks like the buoys of a net, or a row of kegs, or a row of large casks”

“…of the size of a barrel about the body, which…are so prominent, that they resembled buoys attached to each other”

“[The body] appears in joints like wooden buoys on a net rope almost as large as a barrel, that the musket balls appear to have no effect on it, that it appears like a string of gallon kegs.”

“…as he moved he looked like a row of casks following in a right line”

“He appears to be full of joints and resembles a string of buoys on a net rope, as is set in the water to catch herring. Others describe him as like a string of water casks…Two [musket] balls were thought to hit his head, but without effect.”

“…resembled the link of a chain.”

“The first view I had of him appeared like a string of empty barrels tied together, rising over what little swell of the sea there was.”

“The back was composed of bunches about the size of a flour barrel, which were apparently about three feet apart…and looked like a string of casks or barrels tied together.”

“The body, which is formed into parallel rings, which—when he is on the top of the water—are so prominent, that they resembled buoys attached to each other.”

“…and to seem jointed, or like a number of buoys or casks following each other in a line.”

“…the curvature and bunches on his back. To some he appeared jointed, or like a string of kegs or buoys connected on a rope.”

“…giving the appearance of a long moving string of corks.”