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Strongly disagree

Being a Health care professional, having such “home care medical device” available to your patient, aids in your patient assessment while being away in the form of “Log Books”.

I feel having such equipment available to my patients has improved their quality of life and overall health.

I prefer to focus on a specific “brand” of medical equipment for my patients.

As a health care professional, the “brand” of the devices does not matter to me but the quality and reliability of the product does.

Providing your patients with such “Home care devices” is more economically profitable for my patients as they can record their data at home and don’t have to visit the Clinic as often.

I feel the prices that many of these medical devices that are available in the market are cost effective to my patient.

I feel my patient can easily afford such items for their home use.

Home management industry has improved over the past 10 years.

Calibrating the medical devices from time to time is important to ensure my patient’s safety.