Overall objective

Behavioral objective


Establishing communication

Training how to learn trust-building in the establishment of intimacy, training how to listen and speak effectively and levels of communication establishment



Training the issues such as learning how to produce negative reaction to the behavior of the spouse through directing the dialogue


Clarifying mental imaginations

Training the issues like awareness of the mind-reading skill which is one of the PAIRS skills plus untold mental imaginations and hidden expectations of the spouse


Personal history

Training the genealogical depiction of three generations of the family, remembering and expressing the previous painful, sad and suppressed experiences for each other


Emotional retraining and emotional bond

Training the issue of coping with old painful experiences and receiving positive feedback from the spouse and other group members


Sexual pleasure and sexual performance

Training the issues like removal of barriers to enjoyment, training the skills for relationship ‎ enrichment and obtaining pleasure in relations between spouses, training exercises to activate the five senses and also directed messages through which couples exchange enjoyable contacts


Conclusion of a contract

Training the issue of satisfaction with the division of participation rate, the effect of one’s accountability on the group


Clarifying expectations and finally, summing up the previous sessions

Training the issue of couples’ readiness to share power and responsibility, group discussion at the end of the session about the changes made in individuals due to participation in the sessions, reviewing the evidence relating to the change in the group, summing up the sessions and conclusion, implementation of the posttest, thanks and appreciation to the members fo r their participation in the session