Type of Meat

Morphological Description of Colonies

Microscopic Appearance

Suspected Organism


Pink surface with white colour underneath

Conidiophores bear branched sterigmata, each with chain of conidiophores

Penicilium spp

Yellow green surface with reddish brown underneath

The apex of the conidiophores is swollen into a vesicle from which arises bottle shaped cells, sterigmata which bear chains of secondary sterigma

Aspergillus flavus

Colony appeared to be round, white and creamy

Single cells oval in shape with some cells showing budding


Black dusty and spongy throughout the storage time

Sporangiophores arise from long arching stolons opposite rhizoids

Rhizopus stolonifer

Darkish-brown colour to black pigmentation

Numerous mycelia with black conidiopores spherical to oval, produced in long chain

Aspergillus niger

Whitish cottony at first then grey as it grow older

Sporangiophores arise singly from mycelium at any point. All branches terminate in sporangia