Sly et al.,

2014 [15]

United Kingdom

Investigating treatment DO by comparing clinical indicators of patients whose discharge was initiated by staff with those who initiated discharge themselves.


Staff initiated discharge groups were older in average, more likely to have been previously compelled to treatment, had stayed in treatment for longer at discharge and had greater weight gain and higher BMI at discharge. Patient initiated discharge group, had faster weight gain and decreased alliance at 4 weeks, and comparable outcomes at discharge to completers.




Von Brachel et al., 2014 [30]


To identify predictors of DO from a Web-based 6-session program to enhance motivation to change for women with AN, BN, or related subthreshold eating pathology.


Women with more severe ED pathology and depressive mood showed greater likelihood of dropping out of a Web-based motivational enhancement program. Interventions need to address the specific needs of women with more severe ED pathology and depressive mood and offer them additional support to prevent them from prematurely discontinuing treatment.

Short Evaluation of ED; Self-reported

BMI greater

than 15 kg/m2

and less than 30 kg/m2