Indicators to Predict the Onset of Rain


Indicators to Predict Onset of The Dry Season


Westerly winds (blowing from west to East)

Whenever strong winds blow from west towards East, then this is an indication of the rainy season soon approaching

Clear sky/White clouds

Clear sky (blue sky) is a clear indication of no rain while white clouds mean very little or no rain, when this is observed then it clearly showed the onset of the dry season.

Heavy dark cloud formation

When dark clouds form in the sky, the rain will certainly fall

Presences of Butterflies

Whenever butterflies are seen in the numbers, this indicates that there will be no rain.

Unusual increased temperatures (hot at night)

An unusual increase in temperature especially at night is a clear indication of the onset of rains especially around January through March.

Drop-in temperatures at night/Coldness at night

Whenever there is an unusual drop in temperature characterized by coldness at night, this shows that the dry season is soon starting.

Plants/Trees start flowering and gaining leaves

Usually, big trees are expected to shed their leaves from around January and by March the trees will be completely bare, devoid of any leaves. When the leaves of the trees commence sprouting then the rainy season is near.

High temperature during the day/Hot morning sunshine

When there is hot sunrise, with high temperatures during the day these indicate no rains and also mean that dry season is soon approaching.

Red/Black Ants movement’s uphill and highland

The appearance of red ants moving up-hill in lines indicates the onset of rain. The same applies to when ants are seen moving downhill to low area/streams it’s an indication of very little or no rainfall at all.

Bright/clear moon

When the moon is looked to be clear with no yellowish rings around it, this is a clear indication that it won’t rain season and hence an onset of the dry season.

Animals become hyperactive/restless (especially cattle)

When the rainy season is soon approaching, animals are seen to be super excited this includes cattle.


Whenever earthquakes are felt especially at certain known periods in the year, this indicates of onset of dry seasons.

Migratory birds fly over to the community

When the migratory birds fly into the community in their numbers, it is an indication that the rainy seasons are near.

Irregular rain

Whenever rain begins getting irregular especially during the rainy season, this is an indication of an end to the rainy season and hence an onset of the dry season.