Landscape metric


Percentage of landscape

0 < PLAND ≤ 100

Landscape size occupied by a certain land cover type

Mean Patch Area

AREA_MN > without limit

The arithmetic mean size of the given patch type

Number of Patches

NP > 1 without limit

Total patches of the respective class

Patch Density

PD > without limit

Patch density is a function of Total landscape area obtained by dividing the total patches of the patch type (NP) by total landscape area and then convert to 100 hectares

Landscape Shape Index

0 < LSI ≤ 100

Denotes the shape of the patches of a landscape

Fractal Index Distribution (FRAC_MN)

Obtained by doubling the logarithm of patch perimeter (m) and then dividing it by the logarithm of the patch area (m2)

Simpson’s Diversity Index (SIDI)

Obtained by subtracting the sum across all patch type squared from 1

Shannon’s diversity index SHDI ≥ 0

equals minus the sum, across all patch types, multiplied by the proportion

Perimeter-Area Fractal Dimension

1 ≤ PAFRAC ≤ 2

Obtained by dividing 2 by the regression slope line obtained by regressing the patch area’s logarithm against the patch perimeter’s logarithm

Landscape fragmentation index (LFI)

Obtained by dividing the total area of each class by the number of patches