Identified effect

Possible cause



Dust deposition on vegetation and tents

Fine and ultra-fine particles from drilling activities and vehicles travelling on dusty roads

Dust especially from radioactive minerals is very dangerous if inhaled


Scrap metal left unattended for long periods of time

No specific policy on disposal of scrap metal

Rust increases the amount of iron in water streams and underground water


Waste piles of oil-contaminated soil in plastic bags

Lack of a bioremediation plant

Oil spills add hydrocarbons to soil


Effluent water discharge into underground water sources and water wells.

By-pass and negligence of environmental procedures during Uranium exploration activities at site

Water pollution especially from metallic minerals and its associates is very harmful to human, plant and animal lives


Land, flora and fauna disturbance.

Improper supervision by the concerned authorities

Soil erosion, death and disturbance of vegetation and animals occur



Heavy equipment in operation and generators while working

Disturbs human and animals’ mental equilibrium


Acidic water from the uncovered pits and trenches

Effect of acid rock drainage if acidic rock is present in the project area

Acidic water changes the pH of water which makes it difficult for normal use unless neutralized