Asset Light

Minimal capital expenditure on assets can enable the platform solution to scale and gain market share. An asset light approach accompanied by a multi-sided platform can enable higher utilization, ecosystem growth and network effects.


Commercial Off the Shelf software that requires configuration but minimal need to code or customize.


Configure, Price and Quote is central to Digital Commerce.

Digital Platform

An online structure that enables a range of human activity which creates value in the economy.


The user device is an Endpoint. Endpoint management provides protection, backup, fault tolerance, restoration and compliance across all user devices and encrypted data storage.

Hybrid Cloud

A mix of on-premise, private cloud and 3rd party public cloud with orchestration between public and private.


Infrastructure as a service. Also known as utility computing or cloud hosting.

Machine Learning

Handles large datasets to generate new insights about customers, products, plants, prices, supply chain, etc.

Multi-Sided Market

Roughly defined as markets in which a platform enables interactions between participants to get the sides “on board”, with appropriately charges to each side. Platforms may service all sides to transact, match or auction available resources and products to customers.


Minimum Viable Product is released earlier than traditional Waterfall approach to accelerate time to value and leverage Agile principles which include stakeholder input.


Platform as a Service.

Platform Economy

Also known as “the creative economy”, “the sharing economy”, “the gig economy”, or “the peer economy”.


Strategic Digital Platforms include offerings available from a range of suppliers such as Salesforce.com, Oracle Digital Commerce, SAP, ServiceNow, etc.


Total Lifetime Value of Customer


Voice of Customer helps capture key requirements and user experience during application development and ongoing support.


Anything as a Service.