Doctors’ services:

Doctors show close interest and smile-face to their patients

Doctors are polite and kind to their patients.

Doctors inform their patients about the treatments, tests and medications they apply.

Doctors show sensitivity to patient privacy.

It is easy to show the results of the examination to the doctor.

The time doctors afford for the patient is enough.

Pre-service and physical services:

The staff in the registration department is kind.

Officers guide you to the division you need.

In-hospital signs (direction etc) are sufficient.

Registration is easy and fast.

Examination services:

Laboratory/Radiology departments show sensitivity to patient privacy.

Comfort and convenience are provided to patients during taking blood and other samples.

The sampler is attentive in his/her job, kind and helpful.

Laboratory/Radiology officials are kind.

I am confident that the examination and treatment are done correctly

Nurse services:

Nurses are respectful and kind to the patients.

Nurses show interest and closeness to the patients.

Nurses listen to patients and understand their situation.


I am generally satisfied with the service I received.

The services I have received from the hospital are fully fulfilled my expectations.

When I consider everything, the service given is satisfactory in general.