Geographical region


Target of the intervention (processes, outcomes)

Universities/countries involved

Preferred tools

Results documented


[46] [47]

Primary process (operational) of student admissions


U. of Central Florida

Value stream mapping, Process map, SIPOC (suppliers, inputs, process, outputs, customers), Surveys, Critical to quality tree diagram, Balanced scorecard, House of quality, Benchmarking, Statistical data analysis, Fishbone diagram, Failure mode and effect analysis, Cost of quality

Cycle time of application for admission was improved, the target being 10 working days.

Middle East and Africa

[5] [48]

Primary processes (operational)

Ÿ Improvement of course content

Ÿ Distribution of bursaries and financial aid

Ÿ Student graduation logistics

Ÿ Welcoming new students

Tactic decisions

Ÿ Program improvement

Ÿ Welcoming new staff

Process of assistance

Ÿ Purchasing payroll/payment

Ÿ Management of profiles, data processing services

Ÿ Catering services

Ÿ Management of controlled materials

Ÿ Identification of sources of revenue

Throughput rate

South Africa

Tshwane U. of Technology

Saudi Arabia

King Abdullah U. of Science and Technology

Organizational diagram, Project charter, Voice of the customer, SIPOC, Process modeling, Critical to Quality Output Measures, Statistical data analysis, Ishikawa, Pareto, Scoping frame, Improvement priority matrix, 5 why’s, Boxplot, Scatterplot, Risk assessment, Elevator speech