Neo-fifth discipline

Practice strategies and enacting scenarios for ROs

First neo-discipline

Cultivating wholeness leadership for collective transformation

1. Seeing from part to whole

2. Moving from self to eco-self

3. Shifting from domination to support

4. Shared autonomy in decentralization

Second neo-discipline

Crystalizing ecology of mind for collective consciousness evolution in shared wholeness

1. Rebuilding personal relationship

2. Redesigning knowledge networks

3. Co-creating wholeness communities

4. Co-building eco-health homes

Third neo-discipline

Enacting global vision with familial, social and ecological ethics for glocalization reciprocity

1. Evolution of ecological civilization

2. Mission of wholeness paradigm

3. Evolutionary learning laboratories tasks

4. Strategies of blue or green oceans

Fourth neo-discipline

Generative networking across praxis communities

1. Engaging in self-organized learning

2. Facilitating collective deep dialogues

3. Harnessing emergence of wisdom ba

4. Building an RO lab across SEs

Fifth neo-discipline

Complex systems thinking for envisioning possibilities inherent in problems

1. Holographic thinking in complex actions

2. Complex systems thinking with high leverage actions

3. Glocal thinking with synchronistic actions

4. Wholeness sharing with experiential gaming