Five disciplines

Five neo-disciplines


Enhancing Organizational learning (Senge, 1990)

Nurturing Cross-Organizational Learning (Lin & Li, 2013)

Field practice

From PO to GO and NGO

From RO to PO,GO and NGO

Learning transformation

1. Deep learning and co-learning from single-loop to double-loop learning

1. Transformative learning from double-loop co-learning to Unlearning for wholeness spirit and praxis

Knowledge base

Self-transcending knowledge

Holo-transcending knowledge

First (neo)discipline

Fostering Personal Mastery

for self-realization

Cultivating Wholeness Leadership

for collective transformation

Second (neo)discipline

Transforming Mental Models for consciousness evolution in authentic openness

Crystalizing Ecology of Mind for collective consciousness evolution in shared wholeness

Third (neo)discipline

Building Shared Vision for partnership with common purpose

Enacting Global Vision with familial, social and ecological ethics for glocal reciprocity

Fourth (neo)discipline

Team Learning within Organization

Generative Networking across Praxis Communities

Fifth (neo)discipline

Systems Thinking for seeing oneness of fundamental solutions and side effects

Complex Systems Thinking for envisioning possibilities inherent in problems