Accountability over Safaricom’s SSCM practices

Shareholders (Government of Kenya, Vodafone PLC. and public)

Engage with the government through the relevant ministries on various environmental matters for instance e-waste regulations. Vodafone Plc shares information regarding new technologies and best practices in supply chain management; for example, energy and carbon footprint. This is done through monthly meetings and teleconferences held as planned from time to time


Engagement on respective regulator’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). For instance, Safaricom engages with CA on its targets. This engagement is done through regular meetings, submissions and formal correspondence


Through labour unions, consultative meetings or industrial disputes

Suppliers/Innovation partners

The key issue is value proposition. Safaricom involves its partners on issues regarding product and service development. Some of the partners include; mobile manufacturers for instance, Samsung and Nokia, developers and technology innovators. This is achieved through daily Safaricom innovation email, sharing ideas with recipients and encourages them to express their feedback and interest

Local community

The community is involved in the process of participation during Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) of proposed projects. This is done through regular meetings as required


Regular meetings between Safaricom and customer representatives