Therapeutic Method

Characteristics of Treatment Method


Clinical Benefits


Cardiac Radiosurgery

Completely non-invasive

Allows anatomic surgical approach to be planned with software

Physician not required to be in radiosurgery suite during procedure

Does not rely on technical competence of operator

Estimated to take 30 days for lesion to be formed after undergooing procedure

Does not require anti-coagulation

Does not require patient to be sedated

Expands treatable patient population to include patients with comorbidities at high risk for current therapies

May allow more effective treatments for elderly and pediatric patients

Procedural complication may lead to radiation scatter and leakage that causes: pericarditis, wall-motion abnormalities, or late vascular injury



Invasive procedure

Depends on technical competence of operator

Leaves 40.6% of patients AF free after 5 years

Immediately creates lesion

Provides therapy to significant amount of patients with AF

Procedural complication may lead to: cardiac tamponade, pulmonary vein stenosis, esophageal injury, stroke, phrenic nerve injury, death