Customer group

Financial products


Small and medium-sized enterprises

Easy loan;

Worry-free loan;

Growth loan;

Inventory loan (rice)

Innovation of “quasi-mortgage” guarantee mode, plant, machinery can also apply for loans;

Give clients appropriate credit exposure based on credit rating

Micro enterprises (wholesale and retail operators; small manufacturers; farmers in circulation)

Enjoy more loan;

On demand loan;

Flourishing shop loan;

Fixed deposit loan

Providing small loans to customers;

Help customers improve financial management ability;

Exclusive customer manager to customer service

The working class

Nestle loan;

Prosperity of the family loan;

Salary loan;

Credit loan;

Education savings loan

At the same time to meet the needs of self-management, education, housing, home decoration, study abroad, tourism, wedding and other multi-level demand

Agriculture, rural areas and farmers

Agricultural prosperity for poultry, pork, rice, greenhouse vegetables, aquatic products, planting industry and so on

The whole paperless operation, the headquarters can monitor the loan process in real time;

Calculate the loan amount through the cultivation scale;

To create a “loan to the countryside” quality service

The elderly

Happy life loan (mortgage loan);

Easy credit loan (unsecured loans); Provide services such as zero deposit and lump-sum withdrawal and interest withdrawal

For people over 50 years old; Provide customers with savings and financial planning;

The elderly are free of poundage; People over 50 with good credit can take out an unsecured loan