Factor 1. Invading spaces

6) Getting what you want from your partner due to fatigue, getting it due to his/her burnout

10) Monopolising the use of common spaces or elements

15) Interrupting, not listening, not answering, manipulating the message

17) Reading messages or e-mails without permission or listening to telephone conversations

18) Not expressing his/her feelings, often shutting down emotionally

19) Making excuses to justify himself/herself

20) Cheating, lying, not honouring what has been agreed

22) Calling fidelity into question

23) Threatening to leave the relationship and have an affair with someone else

24) Making his/her partner feel sorry for him/her

Factor 2. Creating insecurity

1) Frightening the partner through his/her tone of voice, glance or gestures

4) Not respecting his/her partner's opinions and rights

5) Not respecting his/her partner's feelings

13) Creating insecurity or feelings of guilt by insinuating or manipulating emotions

14) Getting angry or making surly or aggressive comments unexpectedly without knowing the reason

Factor 3. Confinement to a traditional role

12) Discouraging his/her partner, making studying or working harder for him/her

16) Seeing his/her partner as a little boy/girl who needs to be cared for or protected

21) Neglecting his/her domestic responsibilities

Factor 4. Exercising control

7) Controlling his/her partner's money or expenses

8) Controlling his/her partner's schedules, meetings or activities

9) Complaining at his/her partner so that he/she goes out or relate to his/her family and friends

Factor 5. Underestimating

2) Making important decisions without taking his/her partner's opinion into account

3) Change decisions made by his/her partner

25) Downplaying the importance of duties or activities performed by his/her partner