Leyman Inventory Psychological Terrorisation (LIPT)

Negative Acts Questionnaire-Revised (NAQ-R)

What is the main goal of the study?

Incident reports (s)/absence of violence in the workplace

Incident Frequency Measurements

Field of exploration

The questions cover the six areas of workplace ambience:

1) Sphere of communication

2) Sphere of social relations

3) Sphere of damage to a person’s reputation

4) Sphere of encroachment on autonomy

5) Sphere immediate criticism or intermediary.

6) Sphere of threats of sexual assault

Questions relate to the three areas of the workplace ambience:

1) Personal harassment/bullying*

2) Work-related harassment

3) Forms of bullying/bullying by physical intimidation

*originally term bullying used by Norwegians using this tool

The frequency of violence experienced as a condition of recognition that the person has been subjected to violence.

At least one negative effect, repeated at least once a week and continuing for at least six months.

A single incident in six months is not considered bullying.

Number of questions

Number of questions in the questionnaire 45 questions in the original version.

23 questions in the original Scandinavian and British version.